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Member Essays & Stories

Author: - Contributed by:
Campaign Finance and Election Issues
Now Is The Time To Get Involved Author: Unknown - Contributed by:
Change—it has become the most spoken word on all the Presidential candidates’ lips. They are doing what candidates are supposed to do...
Simple Chart of Presidential Candidate's Positions Author: kentbye - Contributed by:
Chart of 18 Democratic and Republican presidential candidates and their positions on 25 issues ranging from Iraq, immigration, universal heathcare...
Why are we so scared of offending Muslims? Author: Christopher Hitchens - Contributed by:
Should not the "moderate" imams of On Faith have been asked in direct terms whether they are, or are not, negotiating with a gun on the table?
Technology and Communication
Public Tiring of Celeb Culture in the Media Author: - Contributed by:
An overwhelming majority of the public (87%) says celebrity scandals receive too much news coverage.
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