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National Elections 2018! / Are you going to vote?
« Last post by CommonSense on October 27, 2018, 06:34:59 AM »
Who are you going to vote for this coming election?  Why??
Education Issues - National / Teachers versus students
« Last post by MichaelPraks on June 28, 2018, 10:20:49 AM »
Thats why many teachers send their kids to private school. The law states that the town must provide an equal education to all students. With years of budget cuts they are failing this obligation. If they refuse to fix our school system, then the town should write everyone a check for 8,600 and allow them to send students somewhere where they can get a great education..
General Issues - National / Im glad I finally signed up
« Last post by MauricioSe on June 28, 2018, 06:43:38 AM »
Superb material, Appreciate it.
Current Discussion Issues - National / Trump and the Justice Department
« Last post by MichaelPraks on June 24, 2018, 10:41:04 PM »
The fact that people need to ask for examples when considering whether Trump has indeed ever been caught lying is insane.
Environmental Issues - National / Re: Man made global warming
« Last post by BeachBoy on June 24, 2018, 10:15:35 AM »
 I believe it was Gorebicites.  It certainly wasn't scientists or based upon science.  Kinda political, don't ya think?
Some time I have such feelings, but dont know if I should do something to avoid them - they are not very serious. Do you know how to define that moment when we should take some treatment?
Environmental Issues - National / Man made global warming
« Last post by MichaelPraks on June 23, 2018, 01:37:47 AM »
If it isnt the scientific method, then what process led the 97 to say that global warming is man-made?  Scientists base their conclusions on the scientific method, dont they?
Economy Issues - National / IF IT'S BROWN, FLUSH IT!
« Last post by bobdabull on June 03, 2018, 10:56:09 AM »
Natural News) Ever wonder why governments allow so much deadly pollution to be dumped into food, water and soils? Part of the real reason may surprise you: Governments no longer want people to live long enough to collect entitlement benefits, and allowing the contamination of everything with death-inducing substances actually saves governments money by accelerating the death of citizens.

This is all covered in my video, below. Here’s a brief introduction:

Three generations ago, governments wanted more people to run the factories, settle rural lands and generate economic productivity that could be siphoned off by the political elite. Over time, continued promises of entitlements such as social security, Medicare, pensions and welfare payouts caused large populations to become financial burdens to the sustainability of those same governments. As a result, governments now want to kill off their own citizens in order to prevent their own financial collapse by drastically reducing entitlement payouts.

In other words, populations of entitlement beneficiaries have become such an enormous threat to the fiscal sustainability of governments that many governments simply cannot remain financially viable if the “entitlement class” of non-producers continues to expand. The situation has become so dire that many governments are now actively seeking to initiate early deaths off their own citizens before those same citizens can collect pensions, social security and other “entitlement” benefits.

How, exactly, do governments contribute to the early deaths of their own citizens? It’s simple: poison them through “allowed pollution” of the water supply, food supply, health care interventions (such as infertility-laced vaccines) and electromagnetic radiation vectors (5G, Smart Meters, etc.). This systematic poisoning results in early deaths that just happen to coincide with substantial financial savings among government entities that cease such payments upon death.

Death-inducing pollution, in other words, has become the government’s best friend in terms of saving money and staving off a financial collapse.

In essence, governments only want you to live while you’re paying taxes, but the day you become a net consumer of government benefits, they would much rather you just die. In fact, they might just help it along through a variety of vectors that deliberately expose the population to death-inducing chemicals, ionizing radiation and malnutrition leading to early death.

Think about that....
California Democrats are reportedly pushing to give full healthcare benefits to illegal immigrant adults, which would mean that the Golden State not only may have to raise taxes but will also be a magnet for even more illegal immigrants.
According to a Monday Politico report, state Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) is leading the charge by reportedly arguing that “California needs to be a laboratory for social change by taking the lead on progressive causes.”

“We are trying to address the fact that, whether you like it or not, our undocumented community needs the care, and we are paying for it anyway,” he reportedly said.

Politico points out that California Democrats are trying to extend the state’s Medi-Cal program this legislative session to nearly 1.2 million illegal immigrant adults who would qualify for it, and “companion bills in the state Assembly and Senate” have already “passed their respective health committees with party-line votes.”

The cost to expand Medicaid coverage to adult illegal immigrants in California is reportedly projected to cost $3 billion annually.

California Governor Jerry Brown, who extended Medi-Cal coverage to illegal immigrant children in 2015, has not commented on the pending measures but “is required by law to sign or veto bills passed this session by Sept. 30, just five weeks before the midterm elections.”


Now why do you think California would do this?
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